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Ch. Healey von Alshamina..., such a beautiful Deerhound lady!

(Owner: Nina Reinhard Miksch/Austria)

Dugal & some funny snowflakes..., so sweet!

(King Dugal von Alshamina, owner: Christian Stein/GER)

Inola von Alshamina..., short NOLA!

(Owner: Tina Brabnik/GER)

Little "Juno" in his wonderful, new home!

There he feels very good..., since today! 💕


He looks exactely like his daddy "Igor"! Borzoi puppy "Ivenhoe von Alshamina"-such a sweet boy!

Long time ago...! Left side our Deerhound girl "Oliana"..., on the right her daughter "Ciarda" and the little one ist ""Wilma"!

Borzoi Elizar and Deeri Kendra are chilling after breakfast! 😁

(Vladika Gor Kiprey & Kiss of Heaven von Alshamina)

"Who are you?" Igor is very amazed about his new toy! 🤣

Johnboy as little Deerhound boy!

(Ch. Fanfan Jimmy Irater)

Little Mini Mouse is very tired! ❤


Magnus and Luzie (aka Fenja) von Alshamina! Both so sweet! Owner: Gudrun Baumgartner  

Sky is so beautiful Deerhound girl!

(owner: Tilo and Jeanette Schnabel/GER)

"Happy Birthday, Elizar!" 3 years old!  🎈🥳🎂


Vampire Elvira says hello! 👿👻🧛‍♂️


My beloved Legolas as a young teenager. For ever and always in my heart.🎈❤️

"The tent was old and broken anyway! So...!" 😉🥳(Karajan aka Kenai)

I don't know why Bogy has always so much fun in the toilet room! 🤷‍♀️🤔😅

The kids out of von Alshamina K-litter, here 4 weeks old! 😍

Fleurelle is proud on her new basket! 🤭😆


Our Deerhound H-litter! Everyone is a big cutie! :-)

Our beautiful Khaleesi at the age of 12 weeks! Such a sweet girl! 

How time flies! This litter has a special meaning for me. Also so cute everyone. 🦄

"Yviiiii...!" ❤️😂
...deserved relaxing after successful dog show!

Elvira, Babotschka & Ciarda von Alshamina 🌺💕🌺 (front to back)

Iljuscha was very successful in 2021! Keep it on! You deserve! 🤩

                     "Search for me!" 🙈👀
(Maximilian von Alshamina...without head 😄)

Puppy Ginger prefers the rickshaw! Good girl!
(Ginger von Alshamina, owner: Heidi Kiefer)

Little Otis and Uncle Anton 😍 (Greystoke Lord von Alshamina & Derek von Alshamina, owner: Claus und Vera Birgel/GER)

Elegante Hunde, Barsois von Alshamina aus 54673 Bauler, wir planen unseren nächsten Barsoiwurf für Frühjahr 2022..., Barsoiwelpen aus Liebhaberzucht.
Greystoke Lord von Alshamina & Derek von Alshamina

Gedeon has fun! 😂 (Gedeon von Alshamina)

Scottish Deerhounds & Russische Barsois aus deutscher Windhundzucht DWZRV! Züchterin mit Flair! Rassetypische Windhunde-Deerhound und Barsoi! Sighthounds Scottish Deerhound and Borzoi in Germany!
Gedeon von Alshamina

It seems our Bogy is very comfortable! 💁‍♀️🛌

Liebevolle Barsois..., Windhundrasse Barsois..., Barsoizüchterin in Deutschland/Rheinland-Pfalz..., Barsoi & Boston Terrier..., Barsoi- und Deerhound Zucht in 54673 Bauler in der Eifel!
Bogatyr von Alshamina mit Wilma
Also in 2022 - crazy dogs! 🤪🙉🤷‍♀️ HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🥳
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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Von Alshamina (@vonalshamina)

My very special puppies 🎈

Wir züchten Scottisch Deerhounds und Russische Barsois..., Rassehundwelpen Deerhound und Barsoi..., Windhundzucht in Rheinland-Pfalz..., liebenswerte Deerhounds aus der Eifel
Katzu und Karlson

Ch. Elvira von Alshamina..., a sporty Deerhound Lady! 🍄

Deerhounds von Alshamina, Scottish Deerhounds aus Deutschland, German Deerhounds, Deerhound Welpen aus hervorragender Aufzucht, Deerhound Züchterin in RLP.
Ch. Elvira von Alshamina
Ginger von Alshamina. What a beautiful photo! 💜  Owner: Heidi Kiefer/GER
Barsoi Hündin Ginger von Alshamina, Barsoi Zucht in Deutschland, neuer Barsoi Wurf im Frühjahr 2022, rassetypische Barsois mit tollem Wesen!
Ginger von Alshamina